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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Let's start our video marketing conversation with this video, it took 26 seconds for us to say some neat stuff about why video marketing is an essential way forward for all teams; and all brands, everywhere. One of the things that we highlighted was the piece of the pie, 74%! that's a huge number, it is the percentage share of the entire digital content conquered by videos.

For example, recall how UI teams make sure that they have an interesting animation at the download or opening phase of their applications, for users to feel engaged, and it works too! This is the simplest form of video as a tool to provide stimulation and introduce brand engagement with our audience, and probably where video picked up as a corporate strategy for the digital universe of the serious.

"Consumers are responding to videos in ways that is unequal to any other medium" - Brandgraphy

Let's look at some of the statistics.

If you happen to place a video at your home page, there is a whooping 50% more visibility in Search Engines. Consumers spend more time on websites with videos, you want to know how much more? like 88% more! Actually, you can just save this infographic on your screen if you need more reasons to start a conversation with your team to integrate video marketing in your marketing campaigns.

The figures speak for themselves and digital marketing agencies are continuously nudging brands to adopt a video first marketing strategy. Videos are now employed from internal communication initiatives to in-person surveys, from brand communications to executive level pitches. There is a whole lot of innovation out there with video in mind, have you heard of video brochures? Well, they exist as well. Look at this LinkedIn article describing how to maximise the impact of video brochures.

It is time to come aboard into a world where videos ease your job, and let you truly connect. Go ahead and develop a living, breathing connection with your audience and consumers. Make videos that educate, inspire and leave a memorable impression. We come from a pure video background, we know how special a video can be, how cool or how deep. A video appeals to a Data Scientist sitting in the office, or that Vegetable vendor on the street alike. It truly unites people and makes them feel something real, which words may sometimes fail to communicate.

Go ahead, call your team, and talk about the possibilities of Videos in your communication plan. And, if you want to know more about the types of videos that work for different communication needs, read our information rich blog on Video Marketing Trends. Good luck!


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