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Video Marketing trends for a brand new world

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In 1878, almost 143 years ago, humans first dabbled with attempts of photography, and now we dabble with movies at the supreme edge of technology and story-telling. The idea of a story that moves like real life has gained appeal with every passing year. And now, with an unprecedented digital revolution around us, videos have become the most important medium of marketing. The remote first world has put a strong spotlight on video and if you find yourself out of this perimeter, it's time to start taking video marketing seriously.

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video - wyzowl, 2021
93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media - Animoto, 2021

The times are changing fast, for all of us, with only one thing that is constant; our humanity, our need to "feel" things, our ability to love and create shared experiences. Let's look at some of the video marketing trends that establish brand value and return prospects as a reward of taking the time to put a brand story as a video.

#1 Video Style - Documenting Customer Journey, Brand - OKTA, Customer - ADOBE

This is a highly effective video marketing strategy to establish genuine trust and present a journey that unfolds itself from the problem stage to a final solution. The idea of creating customer testimonial integrated with a problem-solution aspect is super engaging, it presents the services of any brand effectively without it seeming like a case-Study and takes away the effect of a cumbersome, long form content which it would have been otherwise. Interviewing different stakeholders across the top leadership to actual users makes for a very thorough insight into the real value of what has been designed to help your customers, and how well it works! A must to do for B2B businesses.

#2 Video Style - Cinematic Brand Videos, Brand -WIX

Certain video marketing projects are undertaken to establish brand awareness and tell a story fitting well with the current marketing context, which is to say, a very disruptive one. Wix has been doing stunningly well in it's simplicity of story telling and video production that is A grade. Wix has been able to produce what we call as the "cinematic info films" (we are coining a new term here!) Of course the above example is more hardcore advertising movie format, but look at this one below and you will be impressed with the way this video script combines features of Wix services with the kind of customer it wishes to reach.

#3 Video Style - Kinetic Typography, Brand - Apple

Kinetic Typography, Brand - NIKE

Kinetic Typography coupled with great sound design and audio narration is able to keep the production costs relatively low, while taking advantage of a motion graphic artist's skill and the script writers's vision on an animation first platform. This is a video strategy that every company in the world can employ, but it does need superior thought; because it completely relies on the words displayed on the screen. It is already a sought after video marketing tool for social media across Insta, FB, Linkedin, Twitter and even internal annual business meetings, trade shows etc. Get a creative director, the right video professional and a copywriter who weaves magic, you can definitely create one of these for yourself. The above two examples are special because Kinetic Typography is used for Infographic sort of video use, but here they serve as mainstream advertising films, simple yet really impactful.

#4 Video Style - Product - feature showcase video, Brand - INVISION

We want to highlight the role of video in showcasing the product with all it's features, in such a way that it has a lasting impact, and the audience not only learns about the product but experiences the way a brand devises it's own communication. You may want to replace the current video with any industry, think automobiles, heavy-duty industrial equipment, a supply chain service, logistics, agriculture, the list is endless. Videos; especially animated ones, using 2D and 3D techniques can describe services which cannot be shown through real footage alone. Invision is a design organisation, it is no wonder that they can tell immersive narrations like children trying to climb trees, it's easy for them, and this video truly serves as a great example of video marketing done right!

#5 Video Style - Virtual Reality Experiences

Project - Das Totale Tanz Theater, Agency - Artifical Rome

As Virtual reality grows in its use across the industries, this form of video enables a truly immersive experience for our audiences. Artificial Rome is one of the leading agencies creating avant-garde experiences with extreme artistic finesse. Videos in the form of virtual reality are heavily deployed in education, just imagine your product story become completely immersive! What if your product could actually be felt, like a car, like a house on sale from any distance, and by anyone on the planet, think VR for creating a deep connection which was impossible before.

#5 Video Style - Video as a tool for social change, Project - Bruise Automat, DDB Berlin

Greenpeace has used videos throughout its history to make the world observe and change, we found this great experiment that requires no big write-ups to describe how cool it is! The article has first appeared on FWA -

Thank you for your time and attention, we will write more on Video marketing in our future blogs.

This is our 12 second video to communicate what we do!


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