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Sustainable Design + Visual Marketing

What people outside of Marketing think about "Marketing" -'it's just a way to fetch profit and present facts that don't have to be necessarily true' Not very good now! is it? But do we have to start with a definition that is only known to consumers and professionals who are unaware of it's true power? May be we should, for "marketing" is reduced to sounding like a slang, it's not a word like "compassion" or "patriotism"; which has a vibration of respect and grace. May be because, marketing was used to propagate incessant depletion of our planet, it was even used to market the Wars of this world.

Make no mistake, all propaganda is after all a clever marketing strategy. Anti-socials market hate, and quite efficiently! Why can't we, the new world, market love? beautifully!

Yeah! may be we are making some sensible way into the purpose of this article, which is to look at Marketing as a positive force and use it for why it exists, to market products which are sustainable, practices that are ethical and values that unify all life on earth. Today, we want to focus at two organisations working to establish "sustainability" and take a deep look at their visual style. Brandgraphy would like to bring the focus on visual aspect of marketing and how it can change the momentum of reaching our target consumers, fuelling their growth.

Org #1 - SULAPAC

We first stumbled upon Sulapac from, it was featured as site of the day. It just stunned our senses. Beautiful photography, a Nordic design language, very simple and clear communications make the elements of their site design language. The products itself look almost like crafted from a new age lab, that is inspired from vegetation and the woods around us. Hold your breath and look at the photography...

In Art Colleges, text books usually depict objects with such beautiful fall of shadows and a singular colour, it is almost text book beautiful! Look at that backlit pea pod, the burst of green combined with neutral colours, feel the choice of a serif text, a deliberate effort to retain curves in text, to retain craftsmanship in the font used for communication design.

In the crowd of many, Sulapac stands out and expresses volumes about their dedication through a ethereal and nature inspired design language.

A true master of light has worked on creating imagery for the brand, if this does not pull a customer's soul, then what will!Have you seen a straw shot like a philosopher?

Sulapac communicates with crystal clear words and has made sure that products get benefitted from an elegant design of visual marketing. Truly outstanding!

Org #2 - SAFALGRAM -

Marta has built sustainable self cleaning toilets for rural communities in India far the last 8 years and continued to work even through the pandemic. The interesting turn in this journey has come from the use of mural art on the infrastructure. The product itself is amazingly effective, a self cleaning Evapotranspiration(EVT) toilet.

In our talks, Marta confirms the role of decent marketing materials that showcase the work of a sustainable design org , because; at the end of the day, if we fail visually, we can fail in communicating the importance of the project to the investors, governments and the connected eco-systems. While marketing collaterals form one of the layers, the physical look of the toilets is another important aspect. In a minimalistic world, with ad-hoc masonry work, there is a limitation to how much one can beautify the building itself. That's where ART comes in! Marta invited local artists across the geography to come and paint the villages with their talent, a strategy that changed the way the toilets looked.

The project has grown and even street art is now a part of this program, all done by a human being who is not born and raised in India, may be for Marta, the world is her country and all the citizens are her brothers and sisters.

A Mural depicting village women

A bull mural
Safalgram with the Mural Artists
The Artists!
"Visual Impact is the most powerful force in Marketing, it can shine a spotlight on the brand or push it away in oblivion" - Brandgraphy

We wish all sustainable design efforts meet the right marketing partners, and put themselves out there in the world through beautiful visuals and colours. Let's market the dream of a better world, in the best way we can.


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